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About Us

Steezys are the new charms for your headphone cords.
The name is a combination of “style” and “ease”
and it’s easy to have great style  with Steezys on your cords.


PREVENT YOUR WIRES FROM TANGLING    Clip on Steezys across both sides of your earbud wires, and your wires will not tangle up in your bag or pocket. 

PERSONALIZE YOUR BUDS   Clip on your favorite charm and you'll never mix your earbuds up with someone else's by mistake. 


Steezys are designed for self-expression.

When you pop on a Steezy,

you’re telling the world what you’re into.

With styles that range from donuts to hashtags,

kawaii to sports, there’s something for everyone.




Clip on a bunch! 

One Steezy is not enough-

Steezys are meant to be worn as multiples.

They’re collectible, trade-able and super light weight. 

Find your favorites

and show the world your steez with Steezys.




No more naked cords!

It’s fun to wear more than one!


#GetSteezy   #nonakedwires

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